More DST News

Here is the article from the DST web-site today: Diamond Select Toys & Toys R Us Team Up! Diamond Select Toys and Toys R Us are excited to announce a new partnership that will bring the latest DST products to Toys R Us stores nationwide! That’s right, now you can find all your favorite collector toys by visiting the greatest toy store there is! The …

DST News

Diamond Select Toys has made several announcements in the last week. Marvel Minimates Series 25 and 26 (Marvelous News) Battlestar Galactica and Stargate SG-1 Two-packs (Art Asylum Blog) Carded Pictures of Star Trek: The Next Generation Series Five (Cool Toy Review)

Pilot Sulu

Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum have announced a new seven inch figure for its Star Trek: The Original Series line. Soon we will be getting a Sulu in his blue Science Division uniform from the TV series’ second pilot episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. No details have been revealed for release dates.

Diamond strikes a new deal

Diamond Distributors has struck a deal with manufacturers to offer a case pack with one of each figure in the wave/series exclusively to Specialty Retailers. This means that your Local Comic Shop or your favorite On-line Specialty Retailer will be able to order a case for you from Diamond Previews with one of each figure offered in a series. This is being done to help …