Diamond Emma in package     Diamond Emma
Diamond Emma Frost

  • Height: 5′ 10"
  • Weight: 144 lbs.
  • Real Name: Emma Grace Frost
  • Alias: White Queen
  • Identity: Semi-Public
  • Affiliation: X-Men

  • Powerful psionic blasts and image projection
  • Telepathy
  • Invulnerable diamond body-form

  • Removable Cape

Emma Frost has always been a woman of questionable ethical standards. Having rejected the inheritance of her family’s wealth in favor of making her own way in the world, she advanced through the ranks of both business and mutant kind through diamond-edged ruthlessness. Her relationship with the X-Men has, over the years, been rocky, but they generally share a common goal – the preservation of mutant kind. Despite her outwardly cold and selfish nature, Emma Frost cares deeply for those to whom she is close. It’s just nearly impossible to tell whether she considers you close, or simply a tool.

Note: This figure re-uses the same body as the Hasbro Marvel Legends Series One Emma Frost with the body molded in clear plastic.

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Release Date: March 2007