• First Appearance: Brave and the Bold #30 (June – July 1960)
  • Real Name: Amazo
  • Occupation: Android
  • Base of Operations: Mobile
  • Special Abilities: Intelligence, able to absorb and mimic the powers of Superheroes

Amazo is a powerful Android capable of absorbing and mimicking the superpowers of the members of the Justice League of America. "Absorption Cells" allow Amazo the ability to duplicate the power of any Superhero he encounters but he is only able to use the powers of one Superhero at a time.

Collect and Connect Part: Right Leg

Accessories: None

The Atom

  • First Appearance: Showcase #34 (September – October 1961)
  • Real Name: Ray Palmer
  • Occupation: Physicist
  • Base of Operations: Ivy Town
  • Special Abilities: Can shrink to any size, able to adjust weight, can travel anywhere on Earth at subatomic size.

By manipulating the correct combination of elements, Ivy University physicist, Ray Palmer was able to shrink down to six inches… or even microscopic size, retaining all of the mass of his 180-pound, six-foot tall alter ego and pack a powerful punch at any size. With a costume fashioned to shrink and enlarge with him, Palmer became the Atom!

Collect and Connect Part: Right Arm

Accessories: None

Black Lightning
Black Lightning

  • First Appearance: Black Lightning #1 (April 1977)
  • Real Name: Jefferson Pierce
  • Occupation: Teacher (Former Secretary of Education)
  • Base of Operations: Washington DC
  • Special Abilities: Electric power-belt enables him to generate the powerful blasts of electrical energy and generate a protective electro-magnetic force field.

As a multiple Olympic gold medalist, Jefferson Pierce could easily have turned his fame into fortune. Instead, he chose to return to his old crime-ridden neighborhood as a High School teacher and Black Lightning, hero of the streets and protector of ordinary people threatened by criminals and their activities.

Collect and Connect Part: Left Leg

Accessories: None


  • First Appearance: Action Comics Annual #2 (1989)
  • Real Name: Dr. David Conner
  • Occupation: Kryptonian artifact
  • Base of Operations: Fortress of Solitude
  • Special Abilities: Flight, super strength, heat vision, invulnerable

The Eradicator’s sole mission is to preserve Kryptonian culture above all others. After Superman’s death at the hands of Doomsday, the Eradicator’s programming allowed it to temporarily take Superman’s form and help bring him back to life. In addition to sharing the same superpowers as Superman, the Eradicator is able to manipulate all manner of energy, making him more than a match for even the Man of Steel!

Collect and Connect Part: Left Arm

Accessories: Removable glasses


  • First Appearance: Detective Comics #140 (October 1948)
  • Real Name: Eddie Nashton (aka Edward Nigma)
  • Occupation: Professional criminal
  • Base of Operations: Gotham City
  • Special Abilities: Brilliant but twisted puzzle master.

Edward Nigma turned his love of puzzles into a career by running a crooked carnival puzzle game. But E. Nigma, yearning for greater glory and wealth, decided to use his love of riddles to match wits with the Gotham City Police and Batman, sending them fiendishly complex clues to his forthcoming crimes, crimes committed as… the Riddler!

Collect and Connect Part: Head and Torso

Accessories: Cane

Metallo (Collect and Connect)
Collect and Connect

  • First Appearance: Action Comics #252 (May 1959)
  • Real Name: John Corben
  • Occupation: Criminal (formally a Journalist)
  • Base of Operations: Metropolis
  • Special Abilities: Superhuman strength and durability, can use his Kryptonite power source as a weapon against Superman.

While fleeing from the scene of a crime, Corben suffered a near-fatal accident that mangled his body beyond repair. However, elderly scientist Professor Vale happened to come upon Corben, and used his scientific skill to transfer Corben’s brain into a robotic body covered by a flesh-like artificial skin. However, Corben discovered that his power source, a capsule of uranium, would only last a day, but was told by Vale that Kryptonite would provide him an indefinite power supply. After obtaining a job with the Daily Planet, Corben briefly tried to romance Lois Lane, while deciding that he’d use his powers to eliminate Superman, the one person who might expose his criminal deeds. After setting a Kryptonite death-trap for Superman, Corben stole what he thought was another sample of Kryptonite from a museum as a new power supply, not knowing it was in reality a fake prop; this mistake caused him to die. Superman eventually escaped from the Kryptonite trap.

*Information from the Wikipedia.

Note: There were no variants in this wave.

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