Giant Man and Iron Man
Iron Man

  • Iron Man: None
  • Goliath: None
Comic: Avengers #51

With his size-changing powers growing ever more refined, Henry Pym returned once again to the Avengers to adventure alongside his fellow founding member Iron Man. Combining size and raw power with the latest in advanced transistors and magnetic repulsors, the gigantic Goliath and the invincible Iron Man protect mankind from ancient gods, evil robots, and beasts from deep within the Earth.

Captain America and Skrull Giant Man
Captain America
Skrull Giant Man

  • Captain America: Shield, Gun, Knife
  • Skrull Giant Man: None
Comic: Secret Invasion #6

The Skrull Invasion has come, and super powered alien warriors fill the streets of New York, destroying all who oppose them. Fortunately, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have rallied, and come to challenge the would-be conquerors in a gigantic, final battle. Captain America leads the charge against the extraterrestrial horde, facing off against one of the invasion’s leaders – the Skrull that had disguised itself as the hero Giant Man.

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Release Date: October 2009