Nemesis Riker and Troi
“Nemesis” Riker and Troi
New Force Comics Exclusive – 2006

  • 2 Type II Phasers
  • Type IIIa Phaser Rifle
  • 2 Small Nemesis PADD
  • 1 Large Nemesis PADD
  • 2 Transporter Pad Display Base

All Good Things Data and LaForge
Data and Geordi LaForge
From the episode: “All Good Things”

Previews Exclusive – 2007


  • 2 Tricorders
  • Book
  • Black Cat
  • White Cat
  • Removable Hair-plug

First Contact Data
Lieutenant Commander Data
From the movie: “First Contact”

Previews Exclusive – Limited to 1,701 pieces


  • Alternate Head
  • Alternate Arm
  • Removable Hair-plug
  • Connection Cable

Release date: October 2007

First Season Picard in Chair
Captain Picard in Command Chair
in First Season Uniform

20th Anniversary Previews Exclusive


  • Command Chair

First Season Riker in Chair
Commander Riker in Command Chair
In First Season Uniform

New Force Comics, Suncoast, F.Y.E. Exclusive


  • Command Chair

Timeless Geordi LaForge
Geordi LaForge
From the Voyager episode: "Timeless"

Fan Collective – Alternate Realities DVD Mail-in Bagged Exclusive


  • PADD

Release date: November 2008 (Offer Expired: June 30, 2009)