Interview with Hasbro’s Scott George

Marvel Universe Logo has an interview with Hasbro’s Marvel Brand Manager Scott George which focuses on the Hasbro Marvel Universe brand. Here are a couple of interesting excerpts from the interview:

IGN Comics: One of the questions we’re sure many collectors have right now is regarding the balance between Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe. There currently seems to be much more emphasis on Universe than Legends. Is that an appropriate assessment? What would you say to fans that are holding out on Universe because they want to see those figures brought into the Legends line?

George: We have a strong focus on Universe right now, because it’s a new line and a new scale. Although there are some new characters in Marvel Universe, most of them were previously issued in the Legends line. For the characters that have not been issued in Legends, we will be continuing with the Fan Polls and working on getting these figures to the fans.

IGN Comics: Let’s talk about the Fan’s Choice program you have going. You allowed fans to vote for the characters they wanted to see – apparently the response was rather strong? We’ve heard there are two more figures to be revealed… when can fans expect to hear that news? Do you have plans for more Fan’s Choice programs?

George: Yes – We received a great response from the fan’s choice program. There are 2 runner up characters who will be revealed at a later date. We just finished the Legends Fan’s Choice from the San Diego Comic-Con as well. We like doing these programs because it allows the fans to choose the figures they want.

You can read the entire interview here: Inside Hasbro’s Marvel Universe