Iron Man 2 Drone Minimates

Diamond Select Toys / Art Asylum’s next Iron Man 2 Movie release are single-boxed Minimate Hammer Drones. These are already available at my Local Comic Shop, I just had to hold off until next weekend unfortunately. This counter display features:

Ground Assault Drone
Sea Assault Drone
Air Assault Drone
Tactical Assault Drone
Battle Damaged Hammer Drone
and the short-packed Justin Hammer

     Iron Man 2 Minimate Drones Counter Display     Iron Man 2 Minimate Drone Singles     Iron Man 2 Drones Box Side     Iron Man 2 Drones Box Side 2

     Iron Man 2 Drones Box Backs

I had thought about doing some army-building with these, but I think I’ve decided to just let it ride with one of each.