Marvel 6-Inch Movie Thor and Comic Loki

Marvel Movie Thor In Package Marvel Comic Book Loki In Package

I was able to pick the 6-inch Movie Version of Thor and the Comic Book Loki this weekend. These are both Walmart exclusives and they were selling for $14.88 at my local store. I’m glad to add both to my collection. Hasbro did a really nice job with both of these figures. If I were to nitpick though; (and I will…) Thor’s cape is very stiff and much longer on his right side which makes him difficult to pose in any stance other than just standing straight up, so I’m not very happy with that. Thor’s right hand is a little too open to hold his hammer tightly. I actually had to bend the strap up and hook his thumb between the strap and hammer to make mine stay in place. I think the helmet suffers from a lack of color which makes it look a bit odd. Oh yeah, and the helmet is not removable either! Big boo! That would have been a perfect opportunity for an alternate head without the helmet as a pack-in. Still a very nice Movie Thor.

Marvel Movie Thor Front Side Marvel Movie Thor Left Side Marvel Movie Thor Right Side

Marvel Movie Thor Back

As for Loki; he suffers a bit from giraffe-neck and the decorative tail on the back of his helmet does not move, at least I couldn’t get mine to move anyway. You can’t really get a good heads-up pose because of that. The arm articulation is very limited by the decorative fur on his shoulders. You are not going to get an arms skyward pose out of Loki, sorry. He also lacks a thigh cut, so you’re not going to get much action out of him either. On the positive side, I really love the face sculpt. The expression and the eyes just scream, I’m very bad! The hands say, I’m evil too! I’m still hoping for a classic Loki somewhere down the road, but for now, I think this new Loki will be replacing the old one on my display.

Marvel Comic Loki Front Side Marvel Comic Loki Left Side Marvel Comic Loki Right Side

Marvel Comic Loki Back

Both of these do not seem to use as firm of a plastic as we’ve seen in the past. The connectors between the biceps and forearms and the thigh and calves seem very rubbery. Maybe it’s just because I’ve gone for so long without 6-inch Marvel figures, because I can forgive all the nit-picky things I mentioned. I was just so happy to have something new to add to my 6-inch Marvel collection. Will I be so forgiving as we get towards the end of next year? Probably not…

What about you? Have you picked these up yet? What did you think?


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