Marvel Minimates Series 31 and 32

Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys has posted new images of Marvel Minimates Series 31 and 32 on the Art Asylum Blog today.

Captain Britain and Shadowcat    Captain Marvel and Black Bolt    Silver Age Angel and Multiple Man

Angel Variant and Multiple Man    Series 31 Package Back

Series 31: Captain Britain & Shadowcat, Black Bolt and Captain Marvel, Silver Age Angel and Multiple Man, Angel Variant and Multiple Man.

Retro X-Force Cable and Modern X-Force X-23    Extremis Armor Iron Man and Titanium Man  Yellowjacket and Kree Soldier

Goliath Variant and Kree Soldier    Series 32 Package Back

Series 32: X-Force Cable and X-Force X-23, Extremis Iron Man and Titanium Man, Kree Soldier and Yellowjacket, Kree Soldier and Goliath Variant.

There was no mention of when these will be in your Local Comic Shops, but it should not be too long.