Marvel Minimates Series 38 Packaged

Here is a first look at the soon to be released Marvel Minimates Series 38 from the recent comic book story-line “Shadowland” in package.

     Marvel Minimates Series 38 Evil Daredevil and Elektra     Marvel Minimates Series 38 Big Time Spider-Man and Shadowland Iron Fist     Marvel Minimates Series 38 White Tiger and Hand Ninja

     Marvel Minimates Series 38 Classic White Tiger Variant and Hand Ninja     Minimates Series 38 Package Back

The Marvel Minimates just keep on coming! Series 38 is based on the “Shadowland” story line and includes Evil Daredevil and Elektra, Big Time Spider-Man and Iron Fist, White Tiger or Classic White Tiger and a Hand Ninja. Look for them at your local comic shop.