Marvel Minimates Wave 42

I haven’t been able to keep up with the news very well lately because I’m really trying hard to get the dusting of the Main Display Room finished and some new pictures taken. I know this article is a little late, but I wanted to put it up anyway if anyone missed it elsewhere.

Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum has announced the line-up for the 42nd Wave of Marvel Minimates and the 12th Wave of Toys ‘R Us Minimates.

Marvel Minimates Series 42 Group

Marvel Minimates TRU Series 12

The longest-running comic-based toy line in history soldiers on! Or should that be “super-soldiers on”? Because the 42nd wave of Marvel Minimates by Diamond Select Toys includes love for recent box office champion Captain America, as well as his fellow big-screen Avenger, Thor! Look for the following four two-packs at comic shops, specialty stores and online retailers in September:

Wave 42:
– Armored Thor with Beta Ray Bill (metallic)
– Civil War Captain America (removable helmet) with Arnim Zola
– Thunderstrike with Stone Man
– Eric Masterson as Thor (rare variant) with Stone Man

At the same time as Wave 42 hits specialty stores, Toys “R” Us will get their own exclusive twelfth wave, featuring two of those sets, plus two sets only available in this assortment:

TRU Wave 12:
– Armored Thor with Beta Ray Bill (metallic)
– Civil War Captain America (removable helmet) with Arnim Zola
– Jack Kirby Thor with Balder
– Secret War Captain America with Crossbones

Look for them in September! Also in September, be on the lookout for the specialty-exclusive X-Men: First Class Box Set.


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