New Poll

I just started a new poll today that I am interested to see what some of the responses are. How many Marvel Legends Wave 2 and Wave 2.5 Two Packs did you buy? I am at thirteen currently and am still considering more.


I have from Wave 2:

2 each of the Skrull Warrior and Kree Soldier Two Packs (I may get two more of these, especially if they go on clearance.)
3 each of the Nick Fury and Red Hand Ninja Two Packs (I wish I had gotten a few more of these.)
2 each of the Iron Man and Maria Hill Two Packs. (I display one Iron Man with “mask on” and one with “mask off”.)


I have from Wave 2.5:

1 of the Blue Stealth Iron Man and Sharon Carter (I will be getting another one of these as soon as I see it again. I still have an Elektra head I can use for the female body. I just don’t really need another Stealth Iron Man.)
3 of the Dum Dum Dugan and White Hand Ninja Two Packs. (I still have two more heads I can use to make different S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents and I thought about a custom I could do as well. So I could use three more of these, I just would have rather had more Red Ninjas than White.)
1 of the Invisible Woman and Human Torch Two Packs. (One is really all you need here, I suppose.)

I would still like to have a few more of these. My hope is that everyone has bought enough multiples that Hasbro starts to crank these out more often. So how about you? How many did you buy? Take the poll and then leave a comment to let me know what your count is.


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