The Thrill of the Hunt


The thrill of the hunt, is slowly fading away for me. This last weekend my wife and I spent about ten hours going from store, to store, to store without finding anything. We went to five Toy’s ‘r Us, eight Targets, ten Walmarts, and our Local (not so local, actually.) Comic Shop. I am truly exhausted from spending the weekends “on the hunt”. Sure, sometimes you get lucky and come home with the mother-load. Usually, at least lately it seems, you come home completely empty-handed. It becomes very frustrating. I am seriously considering changing to shopping on-line. It has some negatives points; not being able to pick from the best paint applications, not being able to see obvious defects before you buy, added shipping and handling expenses, lost shipments, (I’ve been through this one recently, not good.) the security of your transactions. It also has its benefits; having your new things brought to your door, buying what you need from the comfort of your computer chair, not having to endure the weather, saving gas money, not having to interact with less-than knowledgeable, rude or uncaring store clerks.

I just don’t think I can continue to spend all of this time, running from store to store trying to find the things I’m looking for anymore. What do you do? Do you shop mostly in brick and mortars or do you order on-line? Did I miss any other benefits from shopping on-line? What are some of your experiences? Let me know with your comments below.


  1. mckul33 August 22, 2009
  2. LegendsCrazy August 22, 2009