Toys ‘R Us Marvel Minimates Series Ten

Here’s what Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum have to say about the upcoming 10th Series of Toys ‘R Us exclusive Marvel Minimates:

Toys R Us Marvel Minimates Series Ten

Continuing the Minimate invasion of the Toys”R”Us aisles, this latest assortment of Marvel Minimates is sure to impress with a mix of some of the old with the new as well as some more Age of Apocalypse two-packs to fill in the gaps in your collection!

First up is Shadowlands own “street level” heroes Spider-Man and Iron Fist. Do they have what it takes to take down Daredevil and the Hand? Next in the assortment Danger Room Wolverine faces Russian super-soldier Omega Red in a battle to the death!

Finishing things out are Toys-R-Us exclusive Age of Apocalypse two-packs! The first of these exclusives features Sabretooth and his unofficially adopted daughter Blink. Rounding out the assortment is one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse Nemesis and Professor X impersonator Morph.

TRU Series 10 Holocaust Close-up