Toys ‘R Us Thor Movie Minimates

Here is the latest news from the Art Asylum Blog:

Coming soon to a Toys ‘R Us near you. Thor Movie Minimates! I know that a lot of you out there are eagerly anticipating the blockbuster movie “Thor”. Now you can get ready for the big premiere by picking up these new Minimates based on the movie. Be on the lookout for the Toys ‘R Us exclusive 2 packs: Lady Sif and Volstagg and Civilian Thor and Asgardian Guard.

     Toys R Us Thor Minimates Loki and Odin     Toys R Us Thor Minimates Thor and Destroyer     Toys R Us Thor Minimates Civilian Thor and Asgardian Guard Exclusive

     Toys R Us Thor Minimates Lady Sif and Volstagg     Toys R Us Thor Minimates Package Back