Battlestar Galactica Series Four (finally!)

I can’t remember when Series Four of Diamond Select Toys Battlestar Galactica action figures were first announced, but they are coming! It is not going to be the line-up that was first announced either, but an even better one in my opinion, because now it includes Gaius Baltar. Here is the announcement from DST:

Battlestar Galactica Series Four

The long-awaited fourth assortment of Battlestar Galactica action figures is finally heading to comic and specialty stores with a new configuration combining the best of the original assortment with a new oft-requested addition!

First up in the new Series 4 lineup is everyone’s favorite short-tempered tyrant originally offered as a Previews Exclusive and now part of the main assortment – Admiral Helena Cain. Also familiar to fans is the second figure in the wave, Admiral William Adama – distinguished from his Toys R Us release by the inclusion of his signature mustache! Rounding out the all-star assortment is the brand-new highly-awaited debut of Gaius Baltar in his signature Presidential attire as featured in the series’ second and third seasons.

With new Battlestar Galactica figures appearing in comic stores, as retailer exclusives and in Toys “R” Us stores, we’re creating a visual guide for the Art Asylum blog to help fans keep track of all the upcoming releases. So check out the guide later this week and look for even more Battlestar Galactica updates in the future!