This just in… SDCC 2011 Marvel Legends Thor Exclusive!

It honestly seems like ages since I’ve had a new Marvel Legends figure in my hands. Oh, how I’ve missed you, old friend! Now, I finally get one and I’m torn over whether to open the package or not! So far, I’m going with not, since we will be getting the same figure in a few more months in the first wave of the Marvel Legends re-launch. I really like the packaging shaped like Mjolnir for the SDCC exclusive Thor, but it takes up a lot of room to display with the handle. It’s hard to tell in the packaging but he seems to be a very large figure. Closer to the Marvel Select scale Thor in size. That doesn’t bother me because I always thought the Giant-Man Wave Thor was a bit too small. Thor should be bigger.

SDCC 2011 Marvel Legends Thor Exclusive

SDCC 2011 Marvel Legends Thor Exclusive 02

I battled with the HasbroToyShop website for nearly three hours trying to get a Thor, but I was also able to score a SDCC Masterworks Sentinel exclusive too. I only wish now I would’ve gotten Galactus last year. This Sentinel is one huge carded figure. I won’t be opening the Sentinel, for sure.

Anyone else able to get the SDCC Thor? Did you open it? What do you think?


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