DC Universe Classics Wave 5

I was able to find a set at my local Walmart yesterday. There had been sightings on the Fwoosh for the last week and the pegs were starting to get a little lower, so I decided to ask the clerk if he could check to see if they had them for me. He scanned one of the peg-warmers and said there were more in the back. He went off to look and returned several minutes later carrying a case. I could see the two Riddler’s in the corner and knew he had what I was looking for. I told him that I would be taking all but the extra Riddler, that I wanted to look them over then I would put the extra back on the peg when I finished and thanked him for his help. “Score”!!!

My reviews:

All five of the characters in this wave re-use bodies from previous waves. Eradicator and Amazo use the Superman Red/Blue body, Black Lightning and Atom use the Black Manta body and Riddler re-uses the DCSH Clark Kent/Two-Face body. I really do not care too much for that tacky plug in their backs. I can over look that, but Mattel is still having some issues with the paint applications and stuck joints. I thought things were supposed to be getting better with the change in manufacturers, but the issues continue with this series.

Amazo has pretty minimal paint apps: flesh tone, two shades of green, and a dark orange on the skull-cap. The darker green horizontal lines are straight and even, well executed. The back and under the arms of mine has some scrapes on the flesh tones. Almost like it was too roughly inserted into the package and the paint was still wet. The joints are all pretty tight. Grade: A-, taking off points for the blemishes on the torso.

The Atom, also has pretty minimal paint apps. Red, blue and flesh tone. The atom symbol on the mask of mine is just a tad more towards the left of his forehead, but it is not too noticeable. I would have liked for the symbol to have been repeated on his belt and it would have been nice to have a smaller version as a pack-in. Grade: A.

Black Lightning has some issues with the yellow lightning stripes being uneven on mine. He also has very loose joints and yet, is stuck on both hip joints. I am guessing it is partially due to the posing in the package. He really could have used some removable lightning effects and I am disappointed he does not have the clear goggles as shown in early the prototype. Grade: B, for the uneven paint apps.

Eradicator’s “S” symbol on his cape is pretty noticeably off center and once again the solid glasses instead of the clear ones shown on the prototype make what could have been an impressive figure a let down. I also would have liked for the cape to have been a little less firm.

The two Riddler’s in the case I was able to chose from both had issues with the paint. I left the one with the sloppy face and took the one with the green finger print on his shoe, because I knew it would be easier for me to paint over the finger print with some black paint than to try to correct the others face. Unfortunately, I did not notice his right leg was warped from the placement in the package. I guess I will have to use a blow drier try to straighten it. He would have looked a lot better if they would have continued the question mark pattern used on his coat on his sleeves as well. Grade: C for just too many noticeable problems.

Metallo has problems with both of his legs staying in the hip sockets. I believe I am going to have to super-glue them in eventually. The inner polygon socket rotates so he will not be stuck in a static pose, if I do glue them. One of my arms was seriously stuck at the elbow. I tried to drop it in some boiling water, which did not work, so I had to resort to sticking a Exacto knife along both seams and finally pried it lose. Both the legs and arms have a very thin shaft of plastic connecting them at the upper joints, which could possibly break with any excessive force, so be careful if you are having problems with stuck joints. This figure just screams out for articulated hands, but still is a very cool Collect and Connect figure! I am just going to have to get out the super-glue and pray I don’t mess him up. (Super-glue and I are old enemies!) Grade: A.

Over-all it seems this wave was pretty hastily put together on a very tight budget, but my DC shelves are starting to fill up and I am thankful for more characters for my DC Universe.
You can see my pictures here.

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