Marvel Universe Secret Wars Wave Three

I picked up the new Marvel Universe Secret Wars Comic Packs Wave Three last night and there were some high notes and some low notes with this wave. First let’s tackle Mr. Fantastic and Ultron Comic Pack which includes Issue #6 of Secret Wars.

Secret Wars Mr. Fantastic and Ultron

Mr. Fantastic is yet another re-use of the Daredevil body and this body just does not fit this character at all. He is much too short and chunky for Reed Richards and the head suffers from permanent looking-down syndrome. The Four emblem on mine is slightly off and this was the best of the four packs I had to choose from. He also has some bleed-through of the blue under the white paints. I am just not happy with this representation of Mr. Fantastic at all! I hope that they do not re-use this body when they release the single-carded version in the lighter blue costume.

Secret Wars Mr. Fantastic     Secret Wars Mr. Fantastic Headshot

Ultron, however, is likely one of the best of the Marvel Universe figures so far. With all of this waves figures lined up in a row, your eye immediately focuses Ultron. I’m pretty sure this is an all new body, if I’m wrong then let me know in the comments below. The paints are minimalism at it’s best. The silver body, the black lines and the red mouth and eyes are all very well done on mine. My only complaint is that the chest/torso swivel is very loose. This is an awesome, must have figure if you collect Marvel Universe. Now the question that has to be asked; “Why can’t we have one in 6 inch?” Marvel Legends is just begging to have a do-over for Ultron in this classic styling.

Secret Wars Ultron     Secret Wars Ultron Headshot

Next is the Hawkeye and Piledriver Comic Pack with Issue #9 of Secret Wars.

Secret Wars Hawkeye and Piledriver

Hawkeye is another well done figure in this wave. Although it re-uses the Electro body, the lower legs and boot cuffs are new. Yes, that’s right the bow has no string and the quiver has the arrows molded in, but he does come with an arrow which sits pretty well on the bow and hand. I may have to try to rig up a bow-string with some notches in the bow and some fishing line.

Secret Wars Hawkeye     Hawkeye Headshot

Piledriver is the second member of the Wrecking Crew to get a spot in the Secret Wars Comic Packs. (Bulldozer is coming in the next wave and hopefully we’ll get Wrecker sometime soon after.) He is using the Thunderball body from Wave 2 with a new head. Not much to say here. The blue highlights on the chest were all over the board in the four packs I had to choose from. I chose the lightest of the bunch and it still seems too much. I had to trade-off for a spot on his nose or way too much blue highlighting. It actually seems you are better off with the figures with less paint applications this time around.

Lastly, we have the Thor and Enchantress Comic Pack with Issue #11 of Secret Wars.

Secret Wars Thor and Enchantress

Thor is a mixed bag. I believe he is also using the Thunderball/Pilerdriver body with new lower legs They drilled two holes in his back to hold the cape on with pegs. The cape is pretty firm plastic so a standing pose is about all you will be able to do with the cape on. Luckily they made his cape long enough to support him in a standing pose, so far that is the only way I’ve been able to get him to stand. Head movement is pretty limited by the hair as well. If you look at the headshot picture he could have used something in the mouth area, because it looks like he doesn’t have one. I do like the writing detail on the Hammer. That was a nice addition. He really doesn’t look to bad from a distance and I’m glad to add him to my Avengers set-up.

Secret Wars Thor     Thor Headshot     Thor Hammer

Enchantress was probably the hardest of all to find a decently painted figure out of all I had to choose from. She re-uses the Ms. Marvel body with a new skirt add-on. Some of the ones I saw had very bad paint splotches and the circular patterns on the legs were seriously off, so make sure you take a good look at this pack before you buy.

Overall, I’m happy to add this wave to Marvel Universe display with the exception of Mr. Fantastic. Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of this wave.

The Fantastic Four