Marvel Legends Fan’s Choice Poll

Hasbro has activated the new web page for the Marvel Legends Fan’s Choice Poll. Three winners from the Fan’s picks will be matched with three picks by Hasbro’s Marvel team and these six figures will be the next series of two-packs in 2010. I have to say it was a tough vote for me. I’m guessing that most people will vote for Deadpool, (and this new version does look sweet!) but since I have the Toy Biz Series Six version, I decided to vote for an all female ballot. My vote was cast for Black Widow, Phoenix, and Valkyrie. I would really like to see all of these figures make it in to the line at some point. Hasbro has really made some improvements and I’m looking forward to see more news from SDCC about what next year holds for Marvel Legends.

Marvel Poll

You can follow this link to cast your vote here.

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