Marvel Minimates Series 29 and 30

Art Asylum / Diamond Select Toys posted pictures of the two newest sets of Marvel Minimates coming to you soon at your favorite Local Comic Shops and On-line retailers.

Series 29

Black Panther and 90’s Storm
Armored Daredevil and Moon Knight
X-Force Wolverine and Hydra Agent
WWII Wolverine and Hydra Agent Variant

Marvel Minimates Black Panther and Storm   Marvel Minimates Armored Daredevil and Moon Knight   Marvel Minimates X-Force Wolverine and Hydra Soldier   Marvel Minimates World War II Wolverine Variant and Hydra Soldier

Series 30

House of M Spider-Man and Scorpion
Insulated Spider-Man and Electro
Spider-Girl and Vault Guard
Ultimate Spider-Woman and Vault Guard

Marvel Minimates House of M Spider-Man and Scorpion   Marvel Minimates Insulated Spider-Man and Electro   Marvel Minimates Spidergirl and Vault Guardsman   Marvel Minimates Ultimate Spider-Woman Variant and Vault Guardsman