Marvel Minimates X-Men: Curse of the Mutants Box Set

This box set of four Marvel Minimates from Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum will feature four of the main characters from the recent Curse of the Mutants Marvel Comics storyline. Featured in this box set will be Dracula, Blade, vampire Jubilee and vampire Wolverine.

     Marvel Minimates Curse of the Mutants Box Set

The X-Men have crossed paths with vampires before — Dracula himself bit Storm way back in 1982 — but the biggest mutant-on-vampire brawl of them all happened last year, in the pages of X-Men: Curse of the Mutants! With the help of Blade, Namor and Deadpool, the X-Men faced the armies of Dracula (led by Dracula’s son Xarus) and even their own turned teammates to keep San Francisco from becoming a stronghold of the undead. To commemorate that crossover, we’ve brought together the main players — Dracula, Blade, Vampire Wolverine and Vampire Jubilee — in a four-pack for comic and specialty stores. Look for the set to show up in stores (but not mirrors) in July.

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