Marvel Universe: Nick Fury Exclusive


At this years New York Comic Con, it was revealed by Hasbro that there would be a Nick Fury mail-away exclusive figure for the Marvel Universe line. It was hinted that you should save your packaging from the first few series of figures for that mail-away, which led a lot of collectors to believe that it would be a “Proof of Purchase” type offer. Recently some members of the Fwoosh have found some of the figures from Wave Four, which contained a form stating that the figure could be obtained by signing up for a subscription to Marvel Digital Comics at $24.99 ($8.33 a month) for a 3-Month subscription or $59.88 ($4.99 a month) for an annual subscription, between 06/01/09 and 12/31/09. There was also a web address listed as which has not gone live yet. Unfortunately, for international collectors, the offer is also limited to only the United States and Canada.

So, Hasbro sets up the theme of the Marvel Universe line to revolve around Nick Fury and then limit the way you can get the main character of the theme to an exclusive, and then they decide to attach it to the purchase of a subscription for a service that most of us have no interest in, or would likely never use otherwise. Marketing brilliance or another “dis” for collectors? You decide…