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Here is the article from the DST web-site today:

Diamond Select Toys & Toys R Us Team Up!

Diamond Select Toys and Toys R Us are excited to announce a new partnership that will bring the latest DST products to Toys R Us stores nationwide! That’s right, now you can find all your favorite collector toys by visiting the greatest toy store there is!

The geek-chic U.S.S. Enterprise from the classic Star Trek series can now be found on Toys R Us shelves just in time for the holiday shopping season and this is just the tip of the interstellar iceberg for Star Trek fans. We’ve also got two exclusive Star Trek action figures shipping very soon and a host of other new and best-selling surprises to unveil over the coming months.

To make this announcement even better, our newest Toys R Us exclusive Minimates can now be found on store shelves! Two exclusive sets are included in this first series of Minimates, get ready to bring home Stealth Iron Man & Gauntlet Tony Stark as well as Hulk & Abomination – stars of this year’s biggest Marvel movies! Plus be on the lookout for our other Marvel Minimate two-packs: Spider-Man & Shocker, Back in Black Spider-Man & Kraven and Cosmic Spider-Man & Transformation Venom!

Plans are already underway to deliver more fantastic and exciting new exclusive releases as well as a selection of the very best new products over the coming months, so stay tuned for more updates!

This is great for all of us who have had to rely on a local comic book shop to get our products up until now. Now we will have another option for finding those difficult to acquire chase figures.