SDCC 2010 Begins!

San Diego Comic Con LogoThe news from this years San Diego Comic Con has started to flood the interwebs. From the Hasbro Marvel booth comes our first look at the next wave of Marvel Legends Two Packs. As you probably already know, these will once again be exclusive to Toys ‘R Us. There will be a Black Widow and Bucky/Winter Soldier two pack. The standard release will feature Black Widow in her black costume and she will have a short-haired head and a long-haired head included. Winter Soldier will also come with a short and long-haired head. The news we didn’t know is that a variant two pack will have Black Widow’s costume re-painted in gray.

The next two pack features Deadpool and Warpath. The standard release will have Warpath in his current X-Force black and silver costume and Deadpool in his classic red and black colors. What we didn’t know is that a variant two pack will have Warpath repainted in his classic red and blue costume and Deadpool will sport his X-Men blue and gold look.

Finally, The Hulk and Valkyrie hold the final spot in the third two pack of this wave. No variants where on display for this offering and no-one has mentioned any official word from Hasbro about this yet. These are slated to be released in October/November and it cannot come soon enough for me.

These really look great! I mean really! Black Widow looks like she could easily be the best Marvel Legend female to date. Heck, maybe even the best Marvel Legend to date. I am hoping for more news about Marvel Legends to come after the panel on Saturday.

Here is a video taken by someone (possibly Ron) on TheFwoosh of some of the displays in the Hasbro Marvel booth.


And here are some links to some pictures of the two packs:

Cool Toy Review

Someday, I really hope to be able to attend one of these!