New DC Universe Classics Two-Packs

BigBadToyStore has put pre-order listings up on their web-site for four new DC Universe Classics Two-Packs. The listings are for:

DC Universe Classics Two-Packs – Batman Vs. Clayface
This will be a re-use of the DCUC Wave One Detective Batman body re-painted in black and gray with “mud splatters” on the costume. The Clayface will be a straight re-release from the DC Superheroes line.

DC Universe Classics Two-Packs – Superman Vs. Classic Brainiac
This will be a standard Superman body with the DCUC Wave Five Eradicator head with red “Heat Vision” eyes. Classic Brainiac (green head) will sport an all new headsculpt and collar piece and will have the gun from the DC Superheroes Lex Luthor.

DC Universe Classics Two-Packs – Lex Luthor Vs. Supergirl

This will be a reissue of the DC Superheroes blue outfit Kara Supergirl and the Power Suit Lex Luthor, with surprise accessories!

DC Universe Classics Two-Packs – Golden Age Hawkman & Golden Age Hawkgirl
Two new figures to start your Golden Age collection.

“ToyGuru” a spokesman for Mattel, has said on AFI that these are pending fan interest and will only be sold by On-line retailers. They will have to generate a minimum order for these before they can be put into production. So get out there and place a pre-order for these!