Update: Marvel Universe Nick Fury Exclusive

The link to http://marvel.com/digitalcomics/nickfury for the exclusive 3 & 3/4 inch Nick Fury Exclusive figure went live today and these are the details for how you can own one of these:


Get an Exclusive Nick Fury Action Figure FREE!
Whoa! Free Action Figure? How Do I Get One?

To get your Nick Fury Action Figure:

1. Select and purchase a subscription to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited™ from the drop down to the right. All subscribers get the hassle-free advantage of the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Automatic Renewal Program.
2. Pay US $4.99 for shipping and handling ($6.99 Canadian). Write a check or money order to “Figure Redemption, Inc.”
3. Fill out and mail the certificate. When you finish subscribing, you’ll receive a confirmation number and a printable certificate. Mail it to the address provided and include your check or money order for $4.99. Must be postmarked by 1/15/2010.

When you’re done, you’ll get:

* Immediate, unlimited access to a library of digital comics that expands every week!
* An exclusive Nick Fury 3¾” action figure from Hasbro, which will arrive in six to eight weeks. You can’t get it in stores, and there are a limited number available. Add it to your collection!

Already a Subscriber?
You can also get a FREE Hasbro Nick Fury 3¾” figure — just purchase a subscription extension!

Subscription costs are:

1 year: $4.99 a month (US) billed as $59.88 (US)
3 months: $8.33 a month (US) billed as $24.99 (US)

Marvel is not responsible for either the receipt or condition of the action figure received. All fulfillment of the free action figure is the responsibility of the fulfilling party, Figure Redemption, Inc. The customer is responsible for paying shipping and handling. Limit one per customer. Offer valid U.S. and Canada only. Requires parents consent if under 18. While supplies last. Offer valid 6/1/09 – 12/31/09. All redemption certificates must be postmarked by 01/15/10. ™ & © 2009 MARVEL.

There are no further details on if this will be the only way to acquire this figure, or if there will be a different Nick Fury offered in the retail line.