Toys ‘R Us Iron Man 2 Minimates Series 2

Today’s announcement from Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum are the second series of Toys ‘R Us exclusive Iron Man 2 Minimates.

   Iron Man Mark V Armor and War Machine      Iron Man Mark VI Armor and Ground Assault Drone

   Lt. Colonel James Rhodes and Air Assault Drone   Iron Man 2 TRU Exclusives Series 2 Package Back

Iron Man 2 Wave 2 Minimates!

Oh boy! The Iron Man goodies continue!

This time it’s the Toys R Us Series 2 Minimates!
What’s included?

Lt. Colonel James Rhodes & Air Assault Drone
Mark IV Iron Man & Whiplash
Mark V Iron Man & War Machine
Mark VI Iron Man & Ground Assault Drone

Good things? You betcha!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not seeing anything different here except for Rhodes and the Mark VI. Two new figures out of a series of eight? Come on DST, is that the best you can do? I’ll probably pass on this series, how about you?

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