Finally, Deadpool!!!

Finally, after two months of checking multiple Toys ‘R Us locations weekly, I have found my regular version of Deadpool and X-Force Warpath! I think this has been one of the toughest two-packs to find for me and I’m pretty sure it was sheer luck that I came across this one. Someone had returned this one for some reason, because the package had been opened and taped closed. I must have come across it shortly after it was placed back on the sales floor. I checked it over for missing parts twice. Then I had to ask myself if I really wanted to pay the jacked-up pre-Christmas price of $34.99 for it, but I was worried I’d never see another one. I’m not going to do any kind of review since they have already been available for so long, but I thought I’d share some pictures.

     Deadpool and X-Force Warpath     

     X-Force Warpath Front     X-Force Warpath Back     X-Force Warpath Side

     X-Force Warpath Closeup     Variant Warpath and X-Force Warpath

     Deadpool Front     Deadpool Back     Deadpool Side

     Deadpool Closeup     Deadpool and Variant X-Men Deadpool

So how about you, have you found your two-pack yet? Still looking for it? Did you decide to pay E-Bay Prices instead? Leave a comment and let me know.