Marvel Minimates Firefighter Spider-Man NYCC Exclusive

The second Marvel Minimates NYCC 2011 Exclusive from Diamond Select Toys will be a two pack featuring Spider-Man in a MAX (Mobile Action Xtreme.) Firefighter outfit along with a MAX Fire Chief. Spider-Man is a favorite of mine, so I’ll definitely be trying to get a hold of this set. Here’s the spiel from DST/AA:

NYCC 2011 Spider-Man Firefighter 2 Pack Exclusive

NYCC 2011 Spider-Man Firefighter 2 Pack Exclusive Front     NYCC 2011 Spider-Man Firefighter 2 Pack Exclusive Back

If you live in the comic book universe, you can count on superheroes like Spider-Man to show up and save the day. But what if you live in the real world? Who will save you then? Luckily, there are men and women out there risking their lives to keep others safe day in and day out. They’re the ones that will come rescue you when you are trapped in a burning building or stuck inside of a twisted car wreck. In recognition of these true everyday heroes, we present this special NYCC-exclusive 2 pack that includes a brave fireman and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, both decked out in full firefighting gear, with NYCC 2011 printed on the back of their coats and a variety of interchangeable parts! Diamond Select will have some on hand at booth #338, but visit Diamond Comics Distributors at booth #344 for a full list of participating retailers at the con!

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