Marvel Minimates Series 36 in Package

Hot on the heals of this weeks announcement of the next series of Toys ‘R Us exclusive Minimates, now we get a look at Diamond Select Toys & Art Asylum’s 36th series of Marvel Minimates, in package and shipping soon to your Local Comic Book Shop.

   Marvel Minimates Series 36 Silver Centurion Iron Man and Crimson Dynamo   Marvel Minimates Series 36 Modern Mandarin and Dreadnought   Marvel Minimates Series 36 Classic Mandarin Variant and Dreadnought

   Marvel Minimates Series 36 Neo Classic Iron Man and Stilt Man   Marvel Minimates Series 36 Package Back

This series will include:

Neo Classic Iron Man & Stilt Man
Silver Centurion & Crimson Dynamo
Modern Mandarin & Dreadnought
The Variant Mandarin & Dreadnought

How many of you will be buying extra Stilt Man sets to make him taller? I’m thinking at least three.

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