Marvel News from SDCC 2009

I unfortunately was not able to attend this years San Diego Comic Con, so I’m getting this news from various other sources. Two things that struck me as bad news/good news were that both the Spider-Man and the Iron Man 2 Movie lines are shifting to the 3 and 3/4 inch scales. This is good news for Marvel Universe fans and bad news for 6 inch scale/Marvel Legends fans (Like me.). Hasbro has stated that they do have designs for 6 inch Iron Man 2 Movie figures but don’t know how it’s going to work with retailer shelf space at this time.

Marvel Universe Secret Wars

Wave Two were shown packaged:

Issue #4 – Hulk and Cyclops (Classic)
Issue #6 – Magneto and Black Costume Spider-Man
Issue #7 – Iron Man and Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)

Wave Three was shown loose:

Hawkeye and Piledriver
Mr. Fantastic and Ultron (Classic)
Thor and Enchantress

Marvel Universe (Single carded)

Series Two – Wave One:
Jean Grey (Jim Lee)
Warpath (X-Force)

Series Two – Wave Two:
1st Appearance Captain America
Black Widow
Iron Man (Extremis Armor – New Sculpt)
Thor (Modern)

These were also shown, but I’m not sure if they are coming in 2009 or 2010.

Sunfire (Classic)
Wolverine (Blue and yellow X-Men uniform)
Luke Cage (Modern)
“House of M” Spider-Man

Mike Deodato will be doing the art work for each package in 2010. The numbering will change to Series 2 – number 1, 2, 3, etc. The Fury Files will continue in the form of the HAMMER files and the content will be driven by Norman Osborn and his impact on the MU taken from the Dark Reign stories. In 2010 all MU figures will have a stand included. They are also considering vehicles and playsets.

Spider-Man (3 & 3/4 inch)

Doctor Octopus
Green Goblin
and I counted eleven different versions of Spider-Man in the pictures. (*sigh*)

Iron Man 2 Movie (3 & 3/4 inch)

Iron Man Mark One Armor
Iron Man Mark Two Armor
Iron Man Mark Three
Iron Monger
War Machine
Deep Dive Armor
Jet-stream Armor

Iron Man (Classic red & gold comic version)
Crimson Dynamo
Titanium Man

During the Hasbro/Marvel Panel a prototype of a 19 inch Galactus with light-up eyes was shown. They said he was not coming soon, but that he was coming. They also said that there are no further plans for Build a Figure waves in the Marvel Legends line, that it will be two-packs from now and onwards and that the future of Marvel Legends depends on the support from the fans. In other words, if the Fan’s Choice Poll two-packs don’t sell well…