SDCC 2010 Exclusive Minimates

Here are two new sets of Marvel Minimates that will be exclusive to San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) this year. First up is the Previews Exclusive set with “Battle-Ravaged” Wolverine, “Asteroid M” Magneto, Bishop, and Jubilee.

     X-Men Previews Exclusive Miniimates Front     X-Men Previews Exclusive Miniimates Side     X-Men Previews Exclusive Miniimates Back

Next we have the Action Figure Xpress Exclusive set featuring: Feral, Domino, X-Force Cable, and First Appearance Deadpool.

     X-Force SDCC Minimates Front     X-Force SDCC Minimates Side     X-Force SDCC Minimates Back

Diamond Select Toys will also be giving away two Minimates exclusive to the show at their booth. One is a clear blue Minimate and the other is a black Minimate with the Ghostbusters logo on its chest. Cool, huh?

DST SDCC Minimate Giveaways Back

DST SDCC Minimate Giveaways Front