Marvel versus Capcom Minimates Series Three

Marvel versus Capcom Minimates Series 3 Specialty Stores     Marvel versus Capcom Minimates Series 3 TRU Stores

It looks like the Marvel versus Capcom Minimates are doing pretty well for Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum after all, because they have just announced the line-up for the third series. There will be a wave for both Specialty Stores and for Toys ‘R Us. Read on for what they have to say about this third series coming in the spring of 2012. Oh, and guess who is exclusive to Toys R Us? M.O.D.O.K.! I’m guessing this should make some of the Minimates fans pretty mad, as the TRU exclusives are usually pretty hard to come by for most people. What do you think? Sound off in the comments section below.

Thor, Chun Li and MODOK Fight Their Way to Stores This Spring in Marvel vs. Capcom Minimates Wave 3!

The first wave of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Minimates is in stores now, with exclusive figures at both Toys “R” Us and comic shops/specialty stores, and Wave 2 should be arriving next month. But it’s almost time to pre-order Wave 3! Our next wave of MvC3 figures will hit in the Spring, and the line-up for the wave is packed with all-stars. As usual, some of the two-packs are exclusive to the specialty market, some are at Toys “R” Us, and some are shared between the two.

Comic and specialty stores get in some of the biggest names in Marvel and Capcom history, as well as some of the two worlds’ toughest women:

– Captain America vs. Ryu (modern)
– Doctor Doom vs. Wesker
– She-Hulk vs. Chun Li (specialty exclusive)
– X-23 vs. Felicia (specialty exclusive)

Toys “R” Us will also carry two of those packs, but they’ll also get two sets all to themselves, made up of two gods and two monsters:

– Captain America vs. Ryu
– Doctor Doom vs. Wesker
– Thor vs. Amaterasu (TRU exclusive)
– MODOK vs. Akuma (TRU exclusive)

Each figure stands 2 inches tall and comes with interchangeable parts and weapons. Collect them all!

You can pre-order Wave 2 and 3 through your local comic shop or online, but you can buy Wave 1 today! Find a comic shop or Toys “R” Us near you, and for more updates, check DST out on Facebook and Twitter.